Tuesday, 10 April 2012

More news in Harper waste

And so the beat goes on... The Ottawa Citizen - a paper generally on side with the Harper Government - has uncovered costs to the taxpayer of legal preceding pertaining to the 'in-and-out' scandal. The specifics of this issue are rather small when compared to other ballooning costs and other questions regarding the Harper Government's defense of democracy. But what this does represent is the utter distaste this government has for actually implementing a policy of frugality. They have used costs to rationalize their agenda on issues like the gun registry or the Canadian Wheat Board (an issue I actually agreed with them on), but that was never their concern. These issues fall under their agenda of capital-C Canadian Conservatism. But the reality is there is very little that is actually 'conservative' about it. Add this $2.3 million to the ever expanding budget of the federal government.

In three years time we can expect the Harper Government to portray itself as the steady hand on the tiller. But the reality has been the largest, most expensive, most intrusive government in Canadian history.

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