Thursday, 28 May 2015

Michael Sam already has a legacy

Michael Sam has become an inspiration to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community everywhere. Drafted by his hometown St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam installs himself as a beacon to his various communities.

Originally projected to go as high as late in the first round, Sam saw his stock fall to the 249th pick overall. Should this be considered a disappointment? Absolutely. However, what is relevant is that Sam was drafted at all. Ultimately Sam never made the Rams roster. Following a tryout with the Dallas Cowboys he found himself outside the NFL.  But where the NFL failed, the Canadian Football League (CFL) has stepped up. The Montreal Alouettes' signing of Michael Sam instantly makes him the most famous athlete in today's CFL. Is this on par with baseball's Jackie Robinson or Hank Greenberg? Perhaps.

Sam has an opportunity to bring down walls that other openly gay athletes in traditionally 'macho' sports have not been able to do. Jason Collins has come out in the twilight of his basketball career. Professional wrestlers Orando Jordan and Fredrick Rosser (known by his ring name Darren Young) have yet to prove that they are anything more than mid-card draws. Despite being considered relatively small in stature and a step slower than the average DE-OLB swing man, Sam was able to put together a top tier career at the college level. He can still prove himself an all-star caliber athlete on par with Robinson and Greenberg.

I grew up in Toronto. My grandfather was an Argonauts' season ticket holder. He made a huge Argo fan out of me. His influence led me to follow the careers of men like Nate Burleson, Igor Olshansky, Doug Flutie, and of course, Michael "Pinball" Clemons. But as a member of the LGBT community, there was no one like Michael Sam in my youth. Michael Sam offers young men an opportunity to see themselves succeed at a professional level.

His college career proved him a man with a great degree of talent. He should be able to earn himself a shot on the Alouettes' defence. That could very well give him an opportunity to succeed. And if his college career was any indication he should be contention for the CFL's most outstanding defender.

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