Saturday, 29 August 2015

Trudeau-led government to invest in our children and educators

I wonder if the teachers' unions are still all gung ho to throw their support behind M. Mulcair. The NDP has made the interesting choice to run to the right of the Liberal Party  (and even to the right of the Conservative Party at times) during Canada's 42nd election. While this has put them at odds with much of their traditional base it does appear that Mulcair is sticking to his guns. More surprising, however, is M. Trudeau’s decision to embrace his new role as the leader of Canada's left. Never was this more demonstrated than when he announced a targeted tax credit for teaching professionals who purchase school supplies out of pocket.

In the heavily contested 905-area city of Newmarket, Ontario Trudeau said, “As teachers and early childhood educators prepare their classrooms for the upcoming school year, we are reminded that our children need positive and enriching environments in order to learn and grow. ... Yet our tax system doesn’t recognize the many out-of-pocket expenses that teachers and early childhood educators incur in order to set up their classrooms.”

He's not wrong.  This is a good policy. Most interesting, however, is the NDP criticism of it. Give M. Mulcair  credit where credit is due. Much like Prime Minister Harper is running as far left as he possibly can without any worry with regard to losing his right wing base, Mulcair is running as far right as humanly possible understanding  (and rightly so) that he need not worry about a left wing base so close to power it can already taste it. The problem is, should Mulcair become Canada's next Prime Minister New Democrats that remember the days of Douglas and Broadbent and even Layton may not like what they see - an NDP government that would rather balance the books than help teachers.

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