Tuesday, 3 November 2015

By-election in Scarborough - Rouge River

The Toronto District School Board will hold a by-election to replace fill the seat vacated by former Chair Shaun Chen when he was elected to Parliament as a Liberal.

A by-election of this nature comes with an estimated cost of  $250,000.

The majority of Trustees did vote in favour of a by-election. However, it another former Chair Sheila Ward who opposed the expense, stating, it is "a quarter of a million dollars" on a ballot that typically draws about 11% of potential electors. And I have to agree. While some might argue this as the cost of democracy school board vacancies just to not draw the kind of attention necessary for the Torontonians to get their monies worth.

Parents - especially those with children who have special needs - have already been forced to foot the bill for various unions' extravagance throughout a log drawn out negotiation process. It is time the TDSB stopped tossing money around and started investing it in those that truly need it - our kids.

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