Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Ombuds query

During my campaign I advocated for a TDSB ombuds. I continue to believe the Board would benefit greatly. So I must express some confusion as to how this how not an issue that has arisen during the ongoing TDSB by-election in Ward 21 - Scarborough--Rouge River.

The reality of such a position is that it only comes with advantages to students, parents, and the Board. A specific ombuds would centralize a role that is currently a patchwork of bureaucrats; allowing for consistent responses to similar issues. The Board would also give families a clear route once an issue is not satisfactory to them with the additional charge of reporting to the Board.

I am supportive of an Ombudsman role. I know some of the current trustees are, as well.

However, if students and parents truly want to advance this agenda it is necessary to speak up. There has been no better time outside the current by-election. Yes, Scarborough--Rouge River, this one is on you. You alone, have the ability to speak up for students and parents across Toronto. Do not waste it.

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