Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Why Governor Kasich is the LGBT Republican choice

Governor John Kasich came out on Monday (no pun intended) as the only viable choice for LGBT Republican. And he did it by doing what LGBT conservatives have been asking for spanning years now. He asked his own party to just move on.

While other popular candidates play into the meme portrayed by the left Governor Kasich was demonstrating that conservative leaders do not have to pander to the social conservative minority.

During a campaign stop at the University of Virginia the Governor did not shy away from a question pertaining to equality in marriage. The Governor responded that his personal religious beliefs do not allow him to support marriage between same-sex couples. However, the court has ruled and as such he has "moved on". He suggested social conservatives in his own party do the same.

Front runner Donald Trump, possibly Canadian Ted Cruz, and establishment choice Marco Rubio have all expressed disagreement wih the Governor's position.

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