Thursday, 5 January 2012

30% off tuition!

I've still got a few of those year ahead bits to do. But I wanted to address this while it was fresh.

Beginning January 5th post-secondary students in Ontario will be able to apply for a 30% tuition fee rebate. This in addition to the $6.2 billion investment in post-secondary the creation of over 200,000 university and college spaces. Sounds pretty impressive to me.
Not to the Canadian Federation of Students, though. Right now they deliberately misleading student about what was promised during the election. The Premier was very clear during the campaign. His promise was to cut tuition for full-time undergrad students. We will simply refer to this as 'Exhibit A'. They, along with the NDPC Coalition, will tell you this isn't good enough. They will tell you that is doesn't apply to enough students. And to Tim Hudak and his deputy leader Andrea Horwath, I say this; we are facing tough economic times. I know both promised to spend and spend ... and spend some more. But the finances are simply not there. This is not going to be the last thing done for education. And when there is more money in the back I have no doubt Premier McGuinty will reinvest in education. This issue is personally important. And I know for certain he will not let it fall to the wayside.

Ladies and gentlemen, Premier McGuinty has delivered his promised 30% off tuition for Ontario students who need it most. This is good news. It means an additional $1,600 in the pockets of university and college degree students and $730 in the pockets of college diploma and certificate students. If you are a student, beginning immediately you can get up to $800 back for the winter semester. And if you already receiving OSAP, you will automatically considered.

My Ontario friends. This is VERY good news.

Go to to see if you are eligible.

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