Tuesday, 31 January 2012

On political cooperation

It seems my endorsement of political cooperation has gained some criticism. Let me be clear - what Nathan Cullen is proposing is landmark. It expands upon steps first taken by than Liberal leader Stephane Dion and Canada's only ever elected Green Party Member of Parliament Elizabeth May. I'm sure we all remember the highly controversial move by M. Dion and Ms. May to agree not to run partisan candidates against each other. This was done to give Ms. May the opportunity to (guess what!) beat a Conservative Party cabinet minister. (Of course, this was former Progressive Conservative Party leader Peter Mackay.)

Many from all different Canadian political stripes - mostly NDP - have criticized me for endorsing Nathan Cullen's proposal of actually working together. Imagine that! Politicians actually working together to achieve the Canada they desire. Nathan Cullen. Bob Rae. Elizabeth May. They can achieve a more progressive Canada. And they can do it together.

Please understand. This is not to say that one party cannot achieve government unilaterally. But it is to say that it is better to achieve together.  Imagine the country that we live in that working together is scene as a sense of weaknesss. As a lack of pride in one's own belief. Well I say, nuts to that! Work together. Working for the country that you desire. And don't be afraid to listen to what some from another party might have to say. Who knows? Maybe we can actually reach a compromise and deliver a Canada we can ALL be proud of.


  1. Only Stephen Harper has a vested interest in keeping the Progressive vote split. It's the only reason he is PM. Co-operation amongst Progressives can vanquish Harper's Conservative ideology and put in place the means that to ensure his kind never have a chance to govern unfettered ever again.

    1. I agree. Its time progressive individuals got serious about the kind of Canada they want.