Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kenny Wilson.... Vegas or bust!

I make no secret of it. I'm a Kenny Wilson fan. I truly believe he is part of the Toronto Blue Jays. But he's got one problem... Okay maybe a few problems... That being the abundance of young outfielders - particularly centre fielders in the Blue Jays system. Marsinick. Gose. Even Snider and Thames. They all stand in Wilson's way on his journey to the majors.

But this is a guy with the tools to keep rising up the ranks in the Blue Jays system. But I'm a believer. And part that comes from what he is doing right now with the Australian Winter League. After just 33 games the thwenty-three year-old is batting .248/.325/.376 with three home runs, eight doubles, 20 RBI and 10 walks. More importantly to his game he has got 10 stolen bases, getting caught on the basepaths only one time. But Wilson can't stop when Spring Training begins. He'll have to prove that he isn't just read for New Hampshire, but that he has the kind of potential be in Las Vegas by the time the season comes to a close.
Wilson is a unique type of player. He has the tools to be a lead-off hitter or a dangerour number nine with strong defensive accumine. Think of him as Juan Pierre with a better arm and a higher cieling.

That all said I fear that if he can't prove he has the ability to leap frog those already in the system that his career will get away from him. If he cannot finish the season in Vegas it may be time for the Jays to walk away. At 24 (when season's end) he will be just shy of the magic age of 25. And as many of us know - if you have played a major league game by 25, chances are you won't be.

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