Sunday, 29 January 2012

Why I can't help but like Nathan Cullen

I've always been honest about my political leanings. And I continue that today - possibly to the disappointment of many of my Liberal friends. But I like Nathan Cullen.

As a political observer I have been paying close attention to this race, and Nathan Cullen has impressed above all else. His willingness to reach out to other parties is refreshing in Canada's modern body politic. For far too long we have leaders of political parties in Canada put their party ahead of the country. The Prime Minister. Michael Ignatieff. Brian Topp. Thomas Mulcair. Peggy Nash. Paul Dewar. They all present different ideas but are clearly preoccupied with personal success and the success of their party.
On matters of policy, Mr. Cullen has demonstrated an ambitious platform in the field of democratic reform. Both in his proposal of a plebiscite on the future of the Monarchy in Canada and the introduction of a mixed-member proportional electoral system; Mr. Cullen has demonstrated that a more fair Canada is certainly his goal.

On the environment, Mr. Cullen has been fighting for its survival since before it was cool. He is leading the fight for the NDP against the Enbridge Pipeline that will run right down the middle of his riding so that Alberta oil can be shipped out to China. He backs this up as a leading advocate for the proliferation of green energy in Canada.

So yes. I might just be a Cullen fan. His difficulties in this race seem to be his joint-nomination proposal. It seems to be unpopular with the general membership of the NDP. But if I may give my advice to those members: if you really want to elect an NDP government it will take controversial bold ideas. It will take someone can legitimately expand the base. To date, only one candidate has demonstrated an ability to this. And his name is Nathan Cullen.

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