Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Liberals go with Gordon in Toronto-Danforth

The emotion was palpable in the room at Riverdale Collegiate last night. Federal Liberals in the riding of Toronto-Danforth were excited to decide who would represent them in their upcoming by-election. Met with two options in Grant Gordon, an advertising executive, and Trifton Haitas, a filmmaker; members of the Toronto-Danforth Liberal riding association chose the former. However, both nominees put in some spirited campaigning first.

The less than charismatic Trifton Haitas had a shaky start, first with some confusion on the part of the gentleman nominating him and then having his phone ring while he address the crowd. But Haitas spoke passionately of the Liberal vision and his goal to stand up for this vision in Ottawa. Sources tell me that the vote was fairly close. But, this would not be Haitas's night.

Some might know Gordon as the brain behind for the tremendously successful “FLICK OFF” campaign, an initiative aimed at encouraging Canadians to use less energy. Nominated by Dennis Mills, former Member of Parliament for the riding, Gordon injected a dose of humour into the campaign by stating, "My last name, Gordon - G O R D O N; it’s actually pronounced 'Compomposis.'" It didn’t take long, however; for Gordon to get serious with his declaration. "I do not need to be a woman to fight for women's rights; including the right to make their own choices with their bodies,” he explained, as a nod to the underlying issue following his opponents' endorsement from a pro-life group.
Fully aware this will not be an easy ride, Gordon issued a rallying call during HIS nomination speech, “Let’s make this a referendum,” he said, “on the Liberal vision for Canada of a strong central government and on the NDP vision based on fuzzy economics.” Gordon will spend the next five weeks telling his neighbours, "Liberals can beat Goliath."

The coming electioneering will prove interesting. NDP challenger, Craig Scott, a professor with Osgoode Hall Law School, has begun a campaign that paints Toronto-Danforth as “Jack’s riding.” It will be up to Gordon to prove that his vision of a Liberal Canada and a Liberal Toronto-Danforth is the best option for the people of his community. His background as a community activist and environmentalist should assist him in this venture.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose Conservative Party has already admitted defeat, has called the by-election for MARCH 19, 2012. Running for the Conservatives is Andrew Keyes, a communications consultant.

If you wish to volunteer on Grant Gordon's campaign, you may visit the following website:

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