Sunday, 19 February 2012

Oh Vic Toews...

So Vic Toews has now admitted he never read C30. He is shocked to find out just how invasive it is... There are two perspectives to this.
1) Minister Toews really has lost all credibility and can no longer lead the Government of Canada on issues of public safety when he isn't even reading the bills that he is proposing. How can any Canadian actually trust Toews to head of Canada's broader security aparatus when he can't even make it through a piece of legislation?

2) Toews has severely compromised the entire Harper Government. By accusing anyone who opposes warrantless searches of Canadian internet activity of siding with child pornographers Minister Toews painted himself and the entire Conservative Party into a corner. By renegging on those earlier comments he can only be read as playing politics in an attempt to appeal to the absolute lowest (and I mean lowest!) common denomenator. That is a legacy that the Conservative Party of Canada, Minister Toews, and Prime Minister Harper just cannot avoid. That... or they openly side with child pornographers... I suppose in 2015 the Canadian people will decide.

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