Monday, 6 February 2012

MPs want tax deductions on ‘valid business expense’: golfing

Consider this my reaction to this story from the National Post.

In a time of economic trouble; in a time when a government is promoting austerity; in a time when the Prime Minister is musing of cuts to old age security; why would any MP - let alone an all-party caucus - promote the notion that golf should be a tax-deductible expense? I usually am a fan of Peter Stoffer. He and Sean Casey have been leading the charge against cuts to an already bone dry Department of Veterans Affairs. But this is just rediculous.

I don't have a lot to say on the issue. Perhaps, because I find it so furiating as a taxpayer - especially when I have very little confidence in the current administration's management of the money I give them. But I would very much like a list of every single MP that is a member of this 'golf caucus'. It is time that an Canadian that has ever uttered the phrase "tax dollars" withdraw their support.

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