Monday, 20 February 2012

More tales of waste from the Conservative Party of Canada

Peter Worthington of the Toronto Sun editorialized against the Prime Minister's decision to utilize government funds to rent panda from China, here.

This is a refreshing assesment of this Prime Minister's addiction to excess from Quebecor Media Inc. At a time when Canadians are being warned to expect further cuts and austerity to just about every government program that doesn't fall under the auspicies of the Ministry of Nation Defense, Ministry of Public Safety, or the Office of the Attorney-General of Canada; I think we can all admit that this embrace of spending $1 million/year (for ten years) is just a tremendous waste of OUR money.
Equally concerning is this government's embrace of China. I am all for free trade. And I believe that opening Chinese trade could very well leader to a freer Chinese society, but in embracing China without questioning them on human rights Canada lowers itself. I have long supported the concept of Alberta's "ethical oil" - that is until China purchased a majority share. Canadian oil has become "conflict oil". And these pandas are "conflict pandas." Is this really what Canadians want out of a government? One that is willing to spend on panda, while cutting on veterans?

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