Thursday, 22 December 2011

Attention Alex Anthopoulos: Trade David Cooper!

Let me be clear; this is not an attempt to diminish Cooper. He is afterall coming off a season as the PCL batting champion. Rather, it is an attempt to be realistic about the Toronto Blue Jays and their situation. Cooper is a solid first baseman. But with Lind solidified at the position and the Snider/Thames/Encarnacion log jam at LF/DH there simply is not room for David Cooper (of whom I am a fan) on this team - especially when there are greater positional needs at hand. The Blue Jays require both a 'second baseman of the future' and a mid-rotation starter.
Currently the Blue Jays are looking at a depth chart at second base than would go as follows: Kelly Johnson, Luis Valbuena, Mike McCoy. That leaves no forseeable replacement for Kelly Johnson when his contract runs at the end of this season. So here is what I am proposing: Trade David Cooper. Aquire what this team needs to succeed. Personally, I'd like to see the Blue Jays take a run at Neil Walker - 26 year old second baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Given the Pirates history of trading players just as their about to hit their prime and a hole at first base, I see this as an opportunity to solve a few problems.

In addition to Walker, the Pirates have a pitcher by the name of Brad Lincoln. Some may remember him as the 2006 4th overall pick. Others may not. That is because in the last five years he has pitched exactly 100.1 innings over 23 games. That gives the Blue Jays an opportunity. So, fellow fans here is what I am proposing:

David Cooper/Brett Cecil for Neil Walker/Brad Lincoln.

Both Cecil and Lincoln need a change of scenery. This is could be an opportunity for both. David Cooper needs to go somewhere where he can start tomorrow. And the Blue Jays need a second baseman.

Maybe I'm playing fantasy baseball here... Maybe this just occurred to me and I decided to slap together a quick entry to see what people thought about it...

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