Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Zach Paikin for Policy Chair

I admit I was prompted to come out with loud support of Zach's candidacy following the recent statements made by Max Naylor. (If you wish to read them I invited you to search Google. I won't linking to such material.)

Max attacked both Zach's personal political positions and his character as a person. I know Max. I've never had a personal issue with him. But this is over the line.

I want to first address the attack "blue Liberals". As one myself I take personal offense. Whatever you wish to call us - Turner Liberals... Manley Liberals... Martin Liberals... Maybe even Brison Liberals?... - we are dedicated to this party and its rebuilding process. Policy difference will occur. That is part of the big tent. But starting some kind of push to cleanse the Party of either its "blue" or "orange" elements is not what a political party coming off a historical worst showing needs. If Max (or anyone for that matter) believe that a member of this Party (especially a fairly prominent one internally) is not a "real" or "true" Liberal (or liberal) I would suggest you keep it to yourself. This Party has more important things to do.

As far as questions of character are concerned; Zach and I may not agree on every issue but I have never encountered the person Max is speaking of in his blog. Zach is always open to discussion and debate - exactly the attitude you'd hope for from someone facilitating our policy process.
I've known Zach for years. And I've known him to be dedicated to this party and to its policy process. He believes in re-empowering the grass roots and would be an assert in helping us regain government.

Take a look at Zach's website. You'll see his plan for engaging in the creation of an independent think tank. You'll see how he plans to return power to our grass roots.

In Ottawa I'm encouraging all members to vote to make Zach Paikin the next Policy Chair of the Liberal Party of Canada. To quote my political mentor George Smitherman, "Zach Paikin is exactly what the Liberal Party of Canada needs right now."

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