Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Prime Minister Tax and Spend is at it again

Okay, so coming from someone who is for all intensive purpose generally to be consider to the left of Canada current Prime Minister that title should probably be taken tongue in cheek. But its not wrong.
Prime Minister Harper likes to talk a big game about believing in small government and balanced budgets and lower taxation, but the reality is he has led a government with no history of doing such things. In a matter of days - January 1st to be exact - the team of Prime Minister Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will be taking an extra 5 cents away from Canadians for every $100 they earn. This in addition to the extra $53 of employment insurance premiums the government will be collecting from you; the taxpayer, next year. And they will pile that on top of the mountain of current income tax increases, new taxes on income trusts, etc. that hard working tax payers have seen come into force under this Prime Minister.

Put that all together and Canadians, on average, are looking at $142 less in their pockets and more in government coffers. To put it bluntly, that is $3,483 that goes from you to line the bank account of the Harper Government.

For those keeping track that is an increase of just about 5% - the largest in nearly a decade. Now the Harper Government is saying taxpayer should be thankful that the increase is not more. Does that sound like a government dedicated to reducing the Canadian tax burden?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Stephen Harper's Canada. Say one thing. Do another. The Harper Government has a record of increasing taxes. Growing government in size. Growing government in reach. And spending Canada in its largest deficit ever. ...Funny... I don't seem to recall any of this being discussed back in May.

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