Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thoughts on Toronto-Danforth

The entire Canadian landscape realizes there is an upcoming by-election in the East York riding of Toronto-Danforth. Let's be honest the by-election will have Jack Layton's ghost of all it. As such, Canadians can expect an NDP victory. But such expectations give the NDP something to lose. And such an situation gives Toronto-Danforth Liberals a real opportunity.

With only one declared candidate for the Liberal nomination - Nick Bibassis - it seems like local Liberals aren't jumping at the possible opportunity. I've never met Bibassis; which should say something. Don't mistake that comment. Its not intended to toot my own horn. But I have been involved in the Toronto political community - and specifically the Toronto Liberal community - for a good eight years now. If you are a Liberal in Toronto, odds are we've met each other; at least would recognize our names.

A simple glance at the Bibassis' website would teach that he is a fairly qualified candidate. But if Liberals are to seize this opportunity they will need more than "fairly qualified". Who is that candidate? While I'm a fan (and friend) of previous candidate Andrew Lang, he has expressed his lack of interest in seeking the nomination. As such, I will drop one name and I sincerely hope this popular, charismatic, intelligent, and just plain impressive candidate seriously considers a run.

Marissa Sterling.

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