Thursday, 22 December 2011

Why I believe a Paul Dewar victory in March will be good for Ontario

Let me be clear. I do not have an NDP membership. But I do believe a Dewar victory in Toronto on March 24th will be a good thing for my province. Let me outline why.

First there is the obvious - Paul Dewar is from Ontario. He knows that as a province the Harper Government has neglected us; choosing instead to take tax dollars from Ontario in an effort to pander to Quebec, the West, and the Martimes. His voice sitting two sword lengths from the Prime Minister should help Ontario's voice in a Parliament that is increasingly ignoring it. Equalization needs to be corrected. Having worked at the municipal level in Ottawa, Dewar would know that. And his loud (and frankly charismatic) voice might just push the Prime Minister to do it. We certainly know Nycole Turmel has no intention to.

There is also the notion of job creation, in which Paul Dewar is making central to his campaign for leader. Just today he earned another endorsement from organized labour. Now, whatever your opinion of organized labour, they always have their members' interests at heart. What they want is to give Canadians and Ontarians jobs.

Ontario was hit harder than anyone following the last recession. And while the province has gained back more than 100% of the net jobs lost, many Ontarians still find themselves unemployed. The country needs a strong voice in opposition to push the Prime Minister to actually do something for those that live in an area of the country that he does not personally care for. Paul Dewar has the ability and he has the talent to do that.

At the end of the day there is still four more years until the next election. New Democrats and Liberals will have to work together in the House to ensure that the Harper government does not run unrestrained. Nycole Turmel has proven that she cannot do this. And frankly, with the possible exception of Peggy Nash, I don't believe any other New Democratic leadership candidate can do that either.

Mr. Dewar is the best shot for Canadians that stand in opposition to this government. I hope he wins. Canadians need someone that can stand up to this Prime Minister.

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