Friday, 9 December 2011

I know “James’ Plan will be a Key Part of Our Rebuilding”

Before I decided to support James Morton, I looked at the other candidates running for VP – English and considered my support carefully. James impressed me. He reached out personally to tell me what he planned to do for our Party and where he wanted to see us go as a political party – not just following 2015, but 2019 and beyond. We need to admit some realities to ourselves as Liberals. First being that we probably won't form government following the next election. But if we work hard, we might in 2019. James understands this. He understands that the rebuild process will not occur overnight.

James' plan will be a key part of our rebuilding. That is why I am asking my fellow members of the Liberal Party of Canada to join me in supporting James Morton as the next Vice-President – English of our Party.

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