Friday, 2 March 2012

The issue at hand... re: #RoboScam

I'm going to jump away from some of my usual political compatriots on this one. I believe the Prime Minister did not play a direct role in RoboScam. Frankly, this is far too disorganized. It didn't happen in every single riding, but only (and I use that term loosely) in 60. This does demonstrate a rag-tag group of individuals that may or not have been associated with a political party (although the actions surrounding Michael Sona certainly do suggest the Conservative Party). But this is just a small piece of the rhetoric.

As of late, the Prime Minister and his leads in cacus on the issue Dean Del Mastro and Pierre "Poutine" Pollievre have been shooting blame at the Liberal Party, saying that they too used a robocall system while raising the question, "Isn't it plausible they are responsible?" (Oh and than reminding everyone about Vikileaks.)

However, here is the problem the Prime Minsiter fails to understand. The issue is not pertaining to the practice of robocalls. Sure. I'm not a fan. But they are not in any way illegal.The issues in question relates to impersonating an official of Elections Canada in an effort to undermine Canadian democracy. That folks, is the problem. Honestly, I can't say that was any organized effort on the party of the Conservative Party, but given the information released we are well aware this is happening. If the Prime Minister is truly concerned with defending democracy perhaps he could start with calling a public inquiry.

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