Friday, 16 March 2012

Paul Martin gives Canadian schools a failing grade in history

In today's Globe and Mail former Prime Minister Paul Martin asks the question: “Should Canadian students be taught about the history of the Métis, the history of first nations and the history of the Inuit as a part of Canadian history? Absolutely... And that’s also part of a wider question, which is: Do we teach Canadian history well in this classroom? And the answer to that is no.”

Let me say, as a history student I find this mighty disappointing. It is imperative that the provincial governments - of all political stripes - take on the responsibility of making education in Canadian history a priority. In Ontario this can begin with expanding the elementary and secondary history curriculum while increasing the required course load.

It is time Canadians recognized the importance of our history. If we do not teach the next generation we (as in Canadians) will lose it. And it is shameful to think that a government - any government - might be willing to let this happen.

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