Tuesday, 6 March 2012

On Conservative refusal to release phone records

I have to admit I find this one confusing. Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and RoboScam complainee Dean Del Mastro is saying the Conservative Party will not release its election phone records because they know they are innocent. End of story, right?

Well that is the crux of the issue, isn't it?

Del Mastro, who has been the government's lead on the file, has been calling for the Liberal Party to release their records because of a certaintly that the Liberal Party is; not just guilty, but incompetant. That is fair from a political opppenent. And the Liberal Party has complied. But if I may take on some right-wing logic; what are you attempting to hide, Mr. Prime Minister?

Canadians expect transparency from their polical parties. In fact, it was a large part of the Conservative Party's election platform in 2006 - when they ousted Paul Martin's Liberals. But times have changes. The Conservative Party now leads the most secretive government in Canadian history. And they are utilizing their habit for secrecy to undermine Elections Canada's investigation. In doing so, they are further undermining Canadian democracy. So again, I must employ some right-wing logic. If the Conservative Party is truly innocent in RoboScam they should take no issue in releasing their phone records.

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