Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shelley Glover jumps into the #RoboScam fray

"We've had several phone back to say, 'Hey, I got a live call and was told to go to another polling station,'" Shelley Glover told CBC News Saturday. "Another person called to say that they got a robocall and it was saying to go to another polling station. And they thought it was odd, so they called us."

That was Conservative Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance and MP for St. Boniface Shelley Glover. Now, I don't want to start smearing any political party or individuals. So, let us all accept that something suspicious has been going on country-wide in an attempt to undermine Canadian democracy. MP Glover's allegations must be taken very seriously. For the sake of Ms. Glover, as well as fellow Conservative candidates Dean Del Mastro (Peterborough) and Peter Goldring (Edmonton East - which I hear has returned to existance) who have also launched such allegations, that the Prime Minister launches full judicial inquiry into the matter.

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