Monday, 12 March 2012

Not left, not right, but forward.

"Not left, not right, but forward."

I think we can unofficially offically call this the official unofficial slogan of Martha Hall Findlay's unoficial launch of her official Liberal Party of Canada leadership bid that may or may not occur. Understand? Good?

Well that is the title of an article that the former Willowdale MP wrote for Policy Options magazine. (Available here.)

She uses the platform to outline what she feels is a way for the Liberal Party to return itself as a legitimate option as a potential government.

Read it. For a while now I've said that Martha Hall Findlay should be on the shortlist for Liberal partisans as a possible leader heading into 2015.

Hall Findlay outlines a new vision for moderate politics in Canada. If the Liberal Party wishes to return to government, I suggest it take the advice that she offers.


  1. But, if you can't win your own Riding how can you expect to win the country???

    1. I don't think that comparison holds. People do have a tendency to vote on the national leader. And the Liberal Party of Canada clearly did not have a capable leader during the previous election.