Saturday, 24 March 2012

Nathan Cullen to win?

As I type this viewers of the NDP leadership race, such as myself are awaiting the result of the second ballot. If I can lay a prediction on the table... I see this as a road to victory for Nathan Cullen.

Policos should expect Nash to drop off here. I would also expect to see much of Ashton's and her support heading to Cullen. And a final showdown of Cullen v. Mulcair. A final ballot that Mulcair just cannot win. The anti-Mulcair movement would be too strong.

I want to say one this about the initial balloting. If you combine the vote totals of Mulcair, Cullen, and Singh you break the 50% mark. The demonstrates an incredible evolution for the NDP. All three candidates are proposing renewal and moderation. It means New Democratic partisans are serious about forming government. A fact that should concern both the Conservatives and Liberals.

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